Appeal of Denial of Admission

    The Appeal of Denial of Admission is not an alternate method for admission; on the contrary, the appeals process operates within the same selection criteria, including Admission by Exception, determined by the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid for the given year.

    UC Santa Cruz will only consider appeals from applicants with new and compelling information that was not included in their original application, and only one appeal will be considered. An appeal submitted by a person other than the applicant will not be considered. UC Santa Cruz will only accept Appeals of Denial of Admission submitted through this website . Appeals to be considered for the UC Santa Cruz waitlist will not be considered. (Please note: If you are appealing the cancellation of your admission, follow the instructions noted on the Admissions website. An Appeal of Admission Cancellation will not be considered if submitted through this website.) For general information about appeals, visit the Admissions website.

    If you have an issue submitting this form please contact